About Us

Our History

We have been building websites for more than 15 years. Our first efforts were directed towards a website that taught students how to use computers. This was part of my work at Mohawk College. Unfortunately, when I retired I no longer found the time to keep the site current and it is no longer available. Our oldest sites, FoDOweb and Elmlane, have undergone enormous changes over the years. Currently they serve mainly as portals to other sites and as dispensers of famous quotations, jokes and good and not so good advice.

Our Philosophy

My approach to web design is simple. KIS. "Keep it simple." I dislike visiting sites with heavy flash animation or other band gobbling features and do not incorporate such into my sites. Unfortunately, I have little or no artistic skills, so the graphics and the layout tend to be basic as well. The results may not be flashy or attention grabbing, but my goal is to create sites that are easy to navigate and that contain information that the visitor can use. Only you, of course, can properly assess if I have succeeded.

Our Privacy Policy

We do not currently ask for or require any personal information. Should that change, you should know that any data communicated to us will be kept in strictest confidence and never passed on to someone else (except, of course, if legally compelled to do so). You should also be aware, however, that our abilities to keep such data secure is subject to our financial and technical limitations. We may make use of third parties (such as PayPal) to the extent that such secure data is required.