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Grimsby Trail: View of Forty Mile Creek

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April 18

Today in History

1521: Martin Luther defiant at Diet of Worms

1775: Paul Revere and Dawes makes the famed ride

1906: Famed San Francisco earthquake

1942: US Bombers bomb Tokyo

1945: Journalist Ernie Pyle killed by Japanese gunfire on island of Ie Shima

1983: Suicide bomber destroys U.S. embassy in Beirut

2002: Actor Robert Blake arrested for 2001 murder of his wife

Notable Births

1857 - Clarence Darrow (attorney: famous Scopes "monkey" trial)

1880 - Samuel Crawford ("Wahoo Sam") (Baseball Hall of Famer: Detroit Tigers: holds individual career record of 312 triples)

1882 - Leopold Stokowski (conductor: Philadelphia Orchestra)

1918 - Tony Mottola (composer, guitarist)

1922 - Barbara Hale (actress: Perry Mason, The Oklahoman, The Defense Never Rests)

1930 - Clive Revill (actor: The Sea Wolf, The Empire Strikes Back, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes)

1936 - Don Ohl (basketball)

1937 - Robert Hooks (actor: A Woman Called Moses, Heat Wave, The Execution, Passenger 57)

1938 - Hal Galper (pianist)

1938 - Richie Pettibone (football)

1941 - Walt Sweeney (football)

1942 - Steve Blass (baseball)

1942 - Pete Gogolak (football)

1942 - Jochen Rindt (auto racer)

1946 - Hayley Mills (actress: The Parent Trap, The Moon Spinners, Pollyanna; singer: Let's Get Together)

1947 - Dorothy Lyman (actress: All My Children, Mama's Family, Camp Cucamonga: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Ruby in Paradise)

1947 - James Woods (actor: The Onion Field, Holocaust, The Way We Were, Night Moves, Against All Odds)

1953 - Francois Rochon (hockey)

1956 - John James (actor: Search for Tomorrow, Dynasty)

Notable Deaths

1955: Albert Einstein dies

2002: Thor Heyerdahl, explorer, author dies at 87

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