My Novels

I have currently written two short novels. I have several others in various stages of completion.

Safe At Home

Safe At Home uses a baseball metaphor to encase a romance/mystery, but it most definitely is not a book about baseball (softball, actually). A young school teacher accidentally meets a man who turns out to the father of one of her students. They form an instant attraction. But something is not right. He is hiding something. She needs to find out what it is. Naturally, the mystery is solved and everyone lives happily ever after - or do they? Read the book and find out!


When an independent web site developer receives a ransom note in her e-mail that obviously isn't intended for her, she is in a dilemma to decide what to do. Eventually, she enlists the aid of the local sheriff and together they start to trace down the originators of the e-mail as well as the proper recipients. Fortunately, both are local. In the process, the kidnappers learn her true identity and attempt to abduct her, only to have the sheriff intervene. As they work feverishly to rescue the kidnapper's victim, they find themselves strongly attracted to each other. Will they rescue the abducted young girl in time? It was necessary to create a fake web site for the book. However, rather than keep it as a fake, we decided to register the name ourselves. That's how Spiderlair came to be.

Other Works in Progress