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Potato and Leek Soup


2 Tbsp butter
1 small onion, chopped finely
2 small leeks, white section, chopped finely
5 potatoes, chopped
¼ tsp parsley
6 cups hot chicken stock
¼ cup milk or cream
pinch thyme
salt and pepper to taste



  1. You may wish to use a potato masher before adding the cream. For a smoother soup, purée before adding cream.

  2. We prefer "chunky" soup and find that milk works satisfactorily and is less "fattening".

  3. Original recipe called for Chervil (a member of the parsley family) instead of parsley

  4. Slightly modified from "Puréed Potato Soup" in Easy Cooking for Today by Pol Martin. Copyright © 1988 by Brimar Publishing Inc., ISBN: 2-920845-07-1

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